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“As more companies go global,
we need a better understanding of how to function
as leaders across cultural boundaries”

Ken Blanchard

Intercultural success is more than just knowing the do’s and don’ts. It’s self-awareness. It’s curiosity. It’s the motivation to learn and adapt and strategise. It’s recognising how our individual and organisational cultures impact the dilemmas we face working in our teams, in our departments, in our companies, in our regions, in our market sectors. It’s respecting and reconciling these differences wherever we are working and whoever we are working with. Fundamentally, it’s about building Cultural Intelligence – the capability to function effectively across various cultural contexts (national, ethnic, organizational, generational, etc.).

With my international background and lifelong experience in navigating cultural differences, I am often approached specifically on four main challenges:

• How do I run a multicultural team successfully?
• How do I relocate successfully?
• How do I do business with other cultures successfully?
• How can I promote more effective intercultural interaction in my C Suite / my team / my HIPOs / my organisation?

Solutions and interventions for all four of these challenges vary from one-off workshops and coaching programmes to assessments and structured multi-activity suites. My emphasis is firmly on developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ*) – how to motivate, build awareness, strategise, and act to work successfully interculturally – and how to apply it to your and your organisation’s environment and needs.

I am an Advanced CQ facilitator and assessor as well as licensed in the Intercultural Awareness Profiler tool.

* CQ is a registered trademark under the Cultural Intelligence Center. For more information on CQ, please visit their website – www.culturalQ.com.