In a world where all business is intercultural, juliankingcoaching helps you find your way

Executive Coaching

As a coach, I work with leaders to identify and leverage their strengths to lead their teams and their careers in diverse and challenging environments.


Leadership Development

As an assessor and trainer, I work with organisations to identify and build leadership bench strengths and talent pipelines for the future. Read more>>

Team Purpose

As a LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator, I work with teams to map out vision and goals, and then to identify how to get there. Read more>>
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Navigating your way

"Dilemmas are the same in all cultures...the only difference is the starting point and path taken to resolve them." Fons Trompenaars

I help individuals, teams, and organisations on this journey – wherever they are starting from, wherever they are going, whatever they are building.


  • - Hogan Suite
  • - Leadership Circle®
  • - Leadership Circle Survey®
  • - Leadership Practices Inventory®
  • - Cultural Intelligence Assessment®
  • - 15fQ+
  • - Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP)
  • - Culture Compass OnLine (CCOL)


  • - "I found Julian’s coaching, insight and expertise an invaluable help in both my own personal and career development” - Paul C, Senior VP, Financial Services
  • - "Julian gave me the space, the challenge to think, the insight to look in a new way at the issues my team was facing internally and externally" - Amy N, HR Manager, Non-Profit Organisation
  • - "Julian is an inspiring and creative people developer with an appreciation for the importance of cultural differences" - Sarah K, GM of People and OD, Mining


  • - European Coaching & Mentoring Council (EMCC)
  • - Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • - Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

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    Er, LEGO? That’s how we’re going to resolve this? There may then be a side glance at a colleague, a nervous cough, maybe even a lengthy silence. You can see they’re thinking, He seemed OK when we asked him to help out with the trust issues in our team, but now we’re not so sure…

    Perhaps I’ve been lucky, but I’ve only had a few cases of the above. Mostly, we’re getting used to gamification and the crazy idea that people can have fun while they’re work...

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